12 weeks to go!

21 02 2010

Today is the 12-week point before my spring marathon, my marathon #4, the Green Bay Marathon. In the buildup to my 12 week training plan (which starts officially tomorrow), I noted that I have finished 4 runs so far of 11 miles or greater in this training cycle. My previous best at the 12 week point? Zero. I think I am in a little better position this time around.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time today tweaking the details of my 12 week plan. I like the focused intensity of the 12 week plan, and I can feel the gravitas of what is upcoming. I am more than a little excited for the ramp-up over the next few weeks, including my first 40-mile week ever (planned for 3/8-3/14)!

One thing I am doing differently this time is including fewer races in my training schedule. I don’t need the validation I did previously, which resulted in PRs but at a cost of missed long runs and mini-tapers to get the PRs. I want just to stay on target with my long runs and mid-week medium-length runs (which were both weaknesses in previous efforts).

The current race plan for the spring:
3/7 Coogan’s 5K (a fun race, my first NYRR race on my return to running, and a gauge of where my running is; I’m even doing a mini-taper for this one)
4/3 Either the Scotland Run 10K (many of the same reasons as Coogan’s) or the 13.1 NYC. Scotland should be a big PR and would let me get in a 16 the next day. 13.1 NYC will be crowded and the course is curvy – but it should be fun, and I should still be able to put in a good time (a non-PR would be disastrous).
5/16 Goal marathon

I’d like to add a half-marathon race either 3/21 (Shamrock?) or 4/17-4/18 (Rutgers?) as well if I don’t do the 13.1 race on 4/3.

As a side note, NYRR has a ridiculous number of 4 milers this winter-spring. Why?

Excitement: building! Giddyup!

7 miles at recovery pace today.




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