Manhattan Half-Marathon race report

25 01 2010

Given the early stage of my training (only 2 runs over 8 miles so far), I didn’t know what my legs had in them for the Manhattan Half-Marathon. As much as anything, this race was to kick-start what I hope to be a momentous year of running. A decent run was all I could hope for; anything else was a major bonus.

Happily, the run went better than expected! A PR by 50 seconds (1:51:05), mile paces I am happy with for now, run consistently, with a modest positive split that betrays my lack of training heading into the race, and (most importantly given past half-mary history) no bonk. Perfect running conditions (37 F), maybe even a touch warm for my double top. I had a solid grin for the first loop, before digging in a bit more from Cat Hill onward on the second loop (the burn on Harlem Hill reminded me that I had heretofore eschewed a hills workout). I had to press to maintain pace in miles 10-13, and couldn’t go much faster (as I noted when twitter friends A, A, and E passed me in mile 11), but I was still vaguely comfortable (or acceptably uncomfortable, as it were; it was not a day for toss-your-cookies effort). I even gave a little kick over the last 100 meters. A slight tweak in the right hammy with 1/2 mile to go was the only negative, but it felt fine afterward and the next day (with a wonderful next-day quads and calves burn to reward my efforts). Of course, all was more than fine after the finish line and at the boisterous post-race tweet-up – too many great people to talk to (seriously, I didn’t get to talk to most of the table, though the company at my end was delightful).


1 8:20
2 8:19
3 7:55 (downhill; I am gravitationally advantaged for downhill segments)
4 8:37
5 8:24
6 8:14
7 8:28
8 8:31
9 8:15 (downhill again!)
10 9:10 (uphill! Need to work on that.)
11 8:36
12 8:35
13 8:48
13.11 0:53

I think this is the start of a very good year!




2 responses

26 01 2010

Awesome PR!! Wow you ran a very great race!!! Gotta love the quads and calfs burn!!

Your delightful too!!! :O)

26 01 2010
Run to the beat

Thanks Michelle!

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